Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baseball Day

Crescent Location Results

Team A
First Game = 14
Second Game = 19

Team B
First Game = 16
Second Game = 19

Great Effort!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sore muscles are a part of an active lifestyle! While uncomfortable, the good news is: a sore muscle means you are making a change in the shape of your body and the strength and speed of your muscle. The soreness is: Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness. Best remedy? Keep moving. Be sure to come to class day after day. Couple of things to help ease the pain:
  1. Be sure to eat some high quality protein within 45 minutes of your workout or sooner. You have a small window in which this helps speed muscle repair.
  2. Continue to eat high quality protein throughout the day (see your or ask a trainer for examples), such as fruits, veggies and other complex carbs like oatmeal.
  3. If you can stand it, take 10-20 second bursts of alternating hot & cold really does help but can be pretty uncomfortable. Check out Contrast Showers.
  4. Take an Epsom salt bath...Grandma was right. It does help! While in the warm bath, stretch.
  5. Apply any brand of muscle cream to the area.
    Never a better excuse to get a massage.
  6. Keep coming to bootcamp or complete a RWB-work assignment. Getting your muscles moving again is usually the BEST therapy.
  7. More info on DOMS.
  8. Any suggestions? Please post to comments or let us know what works best for you.


September: Week One

Welcome! Many of you experienced your first dose of a Rialto Wellness Boot Camp this week. Were you surprised at how easily you made it through? If so, be sure to ask an instructor to make it harder for you. Did you barely make it? If so, keep pushing yourself. You will make it through this next month! You CAN make it, you WILL improve and you will be very proud of yourself in about four weeks. No doubt, boot camp is tough, but it is worth every ounce of effort you put into it! In four weeks your pants will be looser, you will have a lot more energy and if we could look inside you, your cholesterol levels and inflammation levels will have dropped. So stick it out! Take care of yourself this month. Work hard, come to camp every day, fuel yourself with good, clean food choices and you will absolutely see great results.

As you all probably noticed today, there are many shapes, sizes and fitness levels at boot camp. All of you, with your many similarities and differences will become a team over the next month. Support each other. Push each other! You will be amazed what you can accomplish!

If you are a veteran camper or find camp is not as hard as you would like, ALWAYS ask an instructor for an alternate/harder version of what you are doing. We can ALWAYS make things more interesting for you! Continue to focus on the goals you have set for yourself. If you are a lite member, decide now what days you will attend and stick to it. Maybe change up one more thing in your nutrition: add more veggies or drop the soda. Aim at a 10k this time, maybe a sprint tri. Whatever it is, decide now so your goal is clear.

Here are a few items to get you through this first week:

1. You may have encountered some grassy and muddy conditions today. Here is a link with good info on sneaker cleaning. If you don't rinse them off and turn them upside down to dry off, they will really smell. Trust us on this one.

2. Remeber to sign up with and begin tracking your daily food intake and fitness activities. If you miss a day in the park due to your schedule, try to make up that day by completing a Homework assignment.

3. Attendance: please attend class every day. It is amazing what you can achieve when you actually workout for 12 days in a month. Commit to it now. Decide now that you will make it to class each day. AND, you will complete your RWB-work on your days off. If you cannot make it to class, be sure to email your trainer. See email addresses below.

4. Injuries: If you pull a muscle, do not stretch it (if you stretch, you are just adding more micro tears). Just relax & get ice on it ASAP. Continue to apply ice 15-20 minutes every hour or two. Give it a day, warm up the area and try to stretch. If you feel more pain, continue the icing regimen. If you can stretch with no pain, keep the area loose & continue to stretch on & off throughout the day. You should be ready to use the area again if the pain does not return. If in doubt, have the area checked out by a medical professional.

5. RICE: Just an FYI, the R in RICE stands for Rest. So, if you tweak your knee, pull your quad, twist your ankle, please don't come back to boot camp to "tough" it out. Take a day or two, heal up & then head back out to camp. Also, Rest also means "keep the area still" which means, don't stretch it until there is no pain. For more info on RICE.

6. There are many different obstacles at each camp. Some of you may see holes, rocks, sleeping people, crazy people throwing bikes, hidden man holes, bears, dogs, geese, etc. Please watch your step. Camp takes place in an urban adventure area so keep your eyes open as you make your way through the parks!

7. Any questions or concerns? Can't make camp? Email your instructor at


Today's pic: Campers work on their pistol squats.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome Sept Boot Campers!

Welcome to September Rialto Wellness Boot Camp!

You may use the comment area to post questions/thoughts/concerns. A Rialto Wellness Staff member or a previous boot camper will answer your questions!

WELCOME and as always, eat right, stay active and keep positive!

September Campers, Meet the Rialto Blog

One day left before boot camp begins! Are you ready?

Some suggestions:

1. Clean all the junk out of your kitchen.

2. Get to the grocery store and stock up on fruits and veggies.

3. Buy them already cut or cut & store them.

4. Read through the RWB Logbook. Be sure you are clear on "good food choices."

5. Get your clothes ready for the week. Seriously. It is much easier to get out of bed when your workout clothes are already pulled and ready to go.

6. Get to bed early tonight. Getting enough rest is essential for making it through this program!

We'll see you all tomorrow, dark and early or for you PMers, light and late!