Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dr Tabata!

Many campers have asked where we get the concept for tabatas. Well you asked, and here's your answer. This posting is in honor of Dr. Izumi Tabata!!

Dr. Tabata is a Japanese fitness researcher. The Tabata Protocol was developed for Olympic caliber athletes. It consists of six to eight 20 second full speed sprints followed by rest periods of 10 seconds. Dr. Tabata’s study found that doing this kind of exercise 5 – 6 days a week increased both aerobic and anaerobic capacity at a greater level than an hour of endurance exercise.

The key to the Tabata Protocal is the rest periods. Conventional training suggests that a rest period should be 3 times as long as the period of work. But the Tabata protocol calls for a rest period that is half as long as the period of work. This gives a physical and mental break while keeping the intensity at a high level.

At boot camp, we have learned that you can apply the tabata protocol to almost anything. Tabata squats, tabata sprints, tabata, push-ups, tabata dips…well, you get the point! But apparently The Tabata Protocol can be influential in all aspects of life. Check out this article called Tabata My Job about working more efficiently.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Got Goals!?

So, around 5:00 or 5:15 this morning you heard an obnoxious noise and couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then you remember the noise is your alarm and that this is your first day with Rialto Wellness Boot Camp! After those thoughts of “what was I thinking?” left your head, you got up, got dressed and headed out. You have now become one of those weird people who roll around in the dirt for fun! Was it everything you expected? Were you pushed beyond your comfort zone? For those of you with PM camps, are you excited for your first workout?

You joined boot camp for a reason, right? That reason can usually be translated into a goal. So what are your goals this month? Run with the fast group? 6-pack abs? Lose a size? How about just making it through the month? All of these goals require small steps in order to reach the prize. Take small bites out of these things. Step One: Decide to make it all your sessions this week. Then make a deal with yourself to make it to all week 2 sessions, and so on and so forth. Pretty soon, the month is over and you are running fast or showing off your baggy pants!

This article about setting a fitness goal reminds us that our goals need to be achievable. Setting short term goals like making it to boot camp every day gives us a sense of accomplishment before we reach the end result of losing 10 pounds. The sense of accomplishment you feel with the short term goals makes staying on track to reach the long-term goals easier.

This blog is for you. Tell the world your goals in the comments and we'll help you stay accountable. You can do this...whatever "it" is!

Have you come up with your Halloween costume yet?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

7 Simple Techniques to Minimize Your Swine Flu Risk

Hi All:

We're not an alarmist kinda people. Not at all. However, the statistics don't lie:

- Seasonal flu annually sickens 5-20% of the population

But there's no need for gloom and doom. Just read these 7 simple techniques that reduce your Swine Flu risk and you'll start feeling much better!